Over the years, Tripleblaze has added a number of features to help hikers track and share their hikes, and now we're tying many of these features together with Tracker. Tracker allows you to connect the GPS services you use to track your rides and automatically imports your hike data into Tripleblaze. We're officially launching today with support for Strava, but look for other GPS service support coming later this year.


The Tripleblaze Trail Challenge is going strong, and members can earn virtual badges and soon, real-life rewards, for riding new trails. Tracker automatically checks you in at trails based on your GPS route data, so you never need to worry about forgetting to check-in or whether you'll have cell service at the trailhead.

My Trails

Tracker will manage your My Trails list for you. For each new trail you ride, we'll take the trail off your Trail Wishlist and add it to your My Trails list. A map showing all the trails you've ridden can be found on your profile page.

Share trail maps

In the past, sharing GPS data required a PhD in computer science but with Tracker, we'll grab route info from your ride and attempt to turn it into a trail map. Once you get 10 approved routes in your account, you'll even score a free Pro account on Tripleblaze. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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