From time to time you may notice a trail listing here on that doesn't have a “Map” tab on its page, or a pin on the map of its state. This is because there isn't a latitude/longitude location entered for the trail.

As users, we can help fix this issue, and the pay off is that it'll be easier to find trails to ride... and of course, you'll get more contribution points. :)  I've already randomly opened the mobile app and hit “nearby trails,” and had it pull up locations that I've entered data for. It's a very satisfying experience.

Depending on the trail listing, locating the trailhead might be quick, or it might take some work. Here are a few pointers:

First, you need a trail without a trailhead location or a campground without a pin.  You may stumble across one on accident, or you can go looking.  A good place to start may be your own state or country listings.

Second, It's a good idea to look around the state or country for a duplicate trail listing. You can check by city and trail name (including alternate names), and look for pins on the map. It's common to find duplicates, especially for older listings. If you do, you can submit a quick note, by using the "Correct/Update" button on the right side of the trail page. The admins will then merge the two listings together.

Next, it's just a matter of clicking the “Locate on a Map” button on the right side of the trail page. I personally like to open it in a new tab so I can keep the directions open and refer back to them.

This will open a Google map centered on the listed city. If the directions included in the original listing are detailed, just follow them on the map until you find the trailhead--otherwise you'll have to work for it.  If the directions aren't detailed, try searching the web for the trail name, town, and words like map, brochure, trail, mountain bike, etc. Something will usually turn up. Also, the websites of state and local trail building clubs tend to be helpful.

Once you find the right spot, click the circle by “Add point of interest," then click on the map. To add a trailhead location, fill in the “Waypoint name" field, and click save.


Then, fill in a “Map name,” and click “Submit.”  In a few days, once the trailhead location has been review and approved, the trail will finally show up on the map. Mission accomplished!